Cute Cardigan Welsh Corgi

Cardigan Welsh Corgi is as cute as it gets. The fun quotient is through the roof. It’s a classic case of big dog in small package. The low long body is the selling point of this breed. It looks like the dog that’s just vertically downsized. They are bred to be short for a reason. In the slopes of Cardigan, their short height helps escape the kicks of cattle.

Cardigans are powerful and muscular. They feature remarkable speed and endurance. They served multiple purposes as herding dogs. These dogs not only kept the cattle in line. Cardigan chased off potential predators and cattle that doesn’t belong to its master. Its lightning fast reflexes helped it to keep cattle moving.

Because of this reason they became loud barkers. It uses the authority sound to get cattle in line. If you are not keeping them active, their barking habit returns. It makes them unfit for apartments. It’s always better to prevent them from becoming barkers, because they do it heavily.

Old and rare breed

Cardigan isn’t just old, they are pretty rare too. They are listed in Kennel Club’s list of Vulnerable Native Breeds. To find a breeder for Cardigans is never easy. They are the oldest of herding breeds. They are almost the shortest as well. Well, the shortest is its twin – Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

Its double coat fur makes them rain proof. Fur is thicker around rear legs and neck. It gives a unique sort of appearance to this breed. The ears are large, erect and slightly rounded at the tip. With a prominent chest, they feature a long, low slung body.

Equally sized male and female

Cardigans are sometimes referred to as ‘yard long’ dog. They are almost a yard long from nose to tip of its slung. The males as well as females weigh over 30 pounds. Similarly both sexes stand 11-13” tall. Unlike the case of Pembroke, there is no size wise difference in males and females.

Cardigan sized commitment

By nature, Cardigans are a herding breed. It means they need exercise. They can adjust in environments that allow that. They can live up to 15 years. Decide whether you can commit to such lengths of time, before getting one. They jump around hard substances and damage their backs. They are prone to back problems. You need to ensure they don’t let it happen to themselves.

Grooming and maintenance

Cardigan Welsh Corgis are shedders. For grooming, use a firm bristle brush. Grooming has to be done regularly, at least on a weekly basis. Being intelligent, they can be trained. However, it takes time. Cardigan corgis easily befriend the older kids. But their interaction with little children may hurt the latter.

Cardigans love to guide just about anybody. It can do the same for child or senior citizen. It makes them one of the best companion dogs. Corgis genuinely want to be involved with the family. Caring comes so naturally to them. Such traits make them perfect family pets.