Dogs with strong vocal cord and stubborn nature!!


Dogs are the animals who take care of ourselves. They never hate you or your family members. Some are aggressive or clever by nature but some are also very stubborn. As we humans have one personality traits of stubbornness. Dogs are also living creatures they can also be stubborn. So when we talk about the stubbornness the best dog for that is Cardigan Welsh corgis. There are various dog species found all over the world like a bull terrier, Welsh Corgi etc. As we talk about corgis dog they have the super high personality of shouting or we say barking a lot.


There are various features of cardigan welsh corgi. Some are as follows:-

  • This type of dogs has a strong vocal cavity. They bark at anything they see. It is either animal or place or things.
  • This type of dogs are stubborn but they are literally very intelligent too. Get them great dog products at this website.
  • They need to do lots of exercise on daily basis. Their daily routine must be followed carefully. The first and foremost things should be an exercise in the early morning. It is so because their energy level is very high. Consider getting them the best dog bike trailer so they can go on bike rides with you.
  • They can eat food as many times you serve them. If you serve them 8 times daily. They are ready to eat food.
  • Before thinking of buying this dog one should think twice. This is so because they are not suitable for a pet.

Working dogs

We can call cardigan welsh corgi as working dogs. This types of dogs are basically found in the field. They help farmers to keep their sheep safe from any predators. They keep an eye on predators. If anyone harms the herd of sheep. They start barking and attack them thought their energy level is very high. The height of this dog is 10 to 12 inches. The weight is nearly about 25 to 35 pounds.

Health Issues

As we humans have health issues. This type of dogs also has health-related issues. The below-mentioned diseases are:

  • Tough they have long backs so they have an issue in the spinal cord. They face difficulty in moving up and down the stairs or anything like stairs. This type of disease is known as Intervertebral disk disease.
  • They can also have eye disease. This is a family disease. If in their family anyone has this disease then there is a fair chance of having this. This may cause night blindness.


If we talk about care. This type of dog has low slung and fast moving body. This dog is eco-friendly. They can adjust themselves to any type of environment. Due to long backs, they are prone to have the spinal disease so one should keep special care of them. Avoid this dog to jump high and take care of him. One should not underestimate them.


Always remember that the input you give the output you will receive on the same basis. So always treat this dog faithfully and train them nicely. If you train them nicely they will give you the correct and valid output.